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DAVID MAIRAL. Author and site manager.

Since 1999, working as a professional in environment and occupational safety and health in energy, consulting and construction companies. The development in this fields led me to specialize in the sustainable development of the organizations.

In parallel to my professional activity, but related to it, on January 2012 I launched Aragon Valley, a blog about sustainability, focused on the environmental and social aspects.

Sr_LorenzoJUAN CARLOS LORENZO. Illustrator and design @The Ideas.

More than 20 years, one half of my life, working on communication, graphic design, editing, corporate image, photography, illustration and, since a short time, social networks.

I share with this blog´s creator, David, two passions: basketball and the need to learn in order to improve and make our environment to grow. For that reason I am here, for its image and in joint with it, providing support to this great project.

BEGOÑA DOMÍNGUEZ. Content editing in Aragonese language.

Zaragoza, 1973.

Specialisation Degree (diploma) in Aragonese Philology. University of Zaragoza. 2017.

Since 1996, as administrative staff in the field of Aragonese culture and several companies of professional services.

Linked by family ties to the Aragonese culture, to learn and to foster the Aragonese language are my  commitments in this blog. For more than 15 years, I worked for the knowledge of the Aragonese, collaborating in the editing of some publications.

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