The necessary Advent we all do

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In the Christian religion, Advent is the period of time corresponding to the four weeks immediately preceding the 25th of December, Christmas day. So, last Sunday was the first Sunday of Advent.

For the christian faithful, Advent is a time for reflection and prayer, repentance, forgiveness and happiness [1]

I am not a christian faithful, but I must admit that I love Advent. I love it for its symbolism and the time of the year in which is celebrated; its short-cold days and long evenings and nights spent at home, in front of the fireplace, listening a soundtrack which in my homeland has its own name: cierzo [2]. Here, if something you feel like doing, that is a retreat.

Furthermore, Advent coincides with the end of the year. Whether you practice a religion or not, each year-end is a significative milestone in a number of areas in our life. Weeks before the end of the year all we do, to a greater or lesser extend, an evaluation of how we did throughout the year about to end, we think in the aspects to improve and the actions to do next year.

“Am I where I wanted to be?”

“What can I do to improve certain aspect?”

The good think of Advent is that you get a panoramic outlook of the year: as time goes on, the events happened during the year can be observed more clearly. A the same time, you assess your great ideas in a calmed and balanced way. After all, you already have a entire year ahead. In this context, just very brilliant ideas can arise. Imagine yourself applying them with enthusiasm.

But in addition to thinking in the future, don´t forget during Advent to enjoy of the thinks that you have already reached, which for sure will be also a lot.

Whatever your reason, to think on you christian values, or your personal life, or your professional career…

… welcome to Advent

Corona de Adviento. Fuente: Wikipedia
Advent wreath. Source: Wikipedia
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