Changes in people´s mindset to take advantage of the technology progress

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Last friday, july 11, the MIT´s Climate CoLab (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) broadcast a web seminar on the implementation of a carbon pricing in the United States.

It was a streaming seminar, throughout its web (that is, a webinar, term from gathering “seminar” + “web”) and it was other example of how the Internet needs the human component in order to get a good performance of the emerging applications and services.

Above all, people

In practice, the webinar consisted of a discussion between three representatives from energy organizations of the United States, moderated by a Climate CoLab´s member.

Those following the streaming seminar at the other side of the screen, saw something like this:

George P. Shultz (former U.S. Secretary of State) and two representatives from energy organizations: Bob Inglis (republican party) and Philip Sharp (democratic party). Moderated by Laur Fisher, Climate CoLab

As with the distance education or streaming conferences from Brussels, this seminar is anything but technically innovative: web cameras, microphones, broadband Internet and a software to broadcast the discussion.

What is more unusual and gives the real value to the technological -to the Internet in this case- progresses, is the attitude with which people faces them, which brings consequences such as:

To share, transparency and democracy, confidence and naturalness,…

… something to do with the people