Congresses, conferences, summits,… and the curriculum vitae

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This week, I saw myself forced to create a new page in the blog. It is titled “Major conferences attended” and, in practice, consist of a list gathering the major congresses, conferences, summits and events in general, I attended as author of this blog.

Let me explain… it is not that me as a professional nor the blog can´t survive without this page. No way. The reason to create this page lies, as happens with everything in the blog, on a mere practical criteria, all about functionality.


In the case of the page “Major conferences attended”, it works as an up-to-date and accesible list of significant events in my professional field I was able to attend thanks to the blog. It is really useful when sending a new attendance application to forthcoming events: instead of copy-paste the events list each time you write an e-mail or fulfil and online request, you just send the link to the page. It´s simpler, faster and what the recipient finds is a page much more acceptable than the plain-text e-mail or form.

The longer the list, more useful the page is. And, in my case, the collection of the typical id-cards starts to be appreciable.

But going to the heart of the matter, is the page´s information really interesting, from the professional point of view? That is, do these kind of events provide any benefit to your professional curriculum?. My answer is, definitively, “yes”. I´d even say a “double yes”.

Congresses, conferences, summits,… in your professional curriculum

Needless to say how important is to stay tuned and well informed about your professional field. It´s pure survival. Right, these sort of major events are an excellent source of knowledge, which may provide a differential value to your curriculum vitae:

  • you can witness the talks by skilled experts, opinion leaders and key influencers in your sector;
  • you get high-quality documentation and useful information;
  • you know the good practices and success stories from many organizations.

And so on during the two, three,… or the days that the event lasts.

Similar stuff, in different formats, is also included in the training programs of well-renowned (and really expensive as well) educational centres. That is how I see.

Furthermore, to attend these events proves your interest for your work, what is not a minor issue.

If you run a blog…

In addition to the benefits in your professional curriculum referred above, you also get a huge amount of contents to order, ideas to develop, research lines in which go in depth. You set your own limits.

The outcomes of all these are the articles you publish on your blog, which use to be well-regarded by the organising bodies of the event and by the people, companies and other organisations you refer to in the posts.

The congress finished officially days ago but, if you run a blog, it lasts much longer.

And as happens with your professional curriculum, the major congresses, conferences and summits make also a difference in the blog´s curriculum and prestige, what helps and makes easier to attend new events.

In this context, you are in a continuos loop. Very, profitable, indeed.