How we have changed in 15 years!

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My latest post in the PI&ORP site (Polytechnic University of Catalonia) is titled “Tres lustros de #PRL ¡Cómo hemos cambiado!” (The latest 15 years in OSH, how we have evolved!) and it is all about a reflection, based on my own experience, about how has changed the occupational safety and health field in the last 15 years.

Despite the post focuses on one of my key professional fields -OSH- it is also applicable to almost any activity or, even, to our lifestyle in general.

Do you remember how was your work/studies 15 years ago?


Probably, you went everyday to the high school, university or educational center and, there, you listened the lessons.

In the early years of the new millennium, the most sophisticated mobile device at your fingertips was -apart from PDA´s- the HP 49G calculator or similar. I had one Casio 4950 series, three color power graphics.

At that time, for the much-missed middle class the most usual way to access a cellular phone was when you started to work. My first mobile phone was an Ericsson I carried in the shoulder bag, due to its size. It was 1999, my first job´s year.

Talking about job, regardless your job´s qualification, there was an essential idea: to get a long-term job. “Long-life” job and your own home were the material foundations of life. This is how our parents educated us, as a logical response to the hard, dark times they suffered.

Third Advent week, 2014

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This week, third Advent week 2014, I just finished the second course I received this year from the Delft University of Technology (Nederland) throughout the Internet. This course was just what I needed, but I could´t find it in any in-person educational center within my reach.

Once the course is finished, I have just started to search the next one, be it in-person or on the Internet, because in 2014 the specialization requirements are almost infinite and the change is continuous and vertiginous.

I combine learning with the work I develop remotely, most of time. By the way, I never found a “long-life” job, neither I expect it. The most similar to that is the enterprise I just started, which hopefully will be with me for a long time.

The long-life job is today in the mind of a few; and the idea of property, in a full revolution. To refer to these concepts, there are two hopeful terms increasingly used: collaboration and share.

And it is barely 15 years!

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