Materiality and economy, two approaches for safety and health management within organizations

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Weeks ago, I had the privilege of writing an article in the May edition of Safety Management, the magazine of the British Safety Council, one of the worldwide leader and most long-established organizations in the field of safety and health.


To open the magazine on the article´s page (right image) was a special moment for me, as well as receiving congratulations from many people. So, thank all of you who rejoiced in that.

In order to leave the due review of the article in the blog -as I do with almost any publications I draft for third publishers- I will just copy the firsts paragraphs of the article. You can find the rest of the article in the British Safety Council´s site.

The article begins like this…


Material world: health and safety and CSR

We are witnessing the early stages of a new approach to occupational safety and health (OSH) management. For many organisations it is about the incorporation of OSH policies, objectives and actions within corporate social responsibility (CSR) performance. The concept of ‘materiality’ will make the difference for those organisations actually responsible and sustainable. – See more at:

Corporate responsibility and sustainability are anything but new. Organisations’ social responsibility may have gone by a different name in the past, with terms such as ‘humanism’ or ‘philanthropy’. Later on, as…

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