This week, ORP2014 congress in Zaragoza: a flagged appointment within occupational safety and health

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Next May 21, 22 and 23rd -that is, between the day after tomorrow and Friday- will be celebrated the ORP2014 congress, in the Palacio de Congresos de Zaragoza (venue EXPO), under the slogan ”Prevention in the XXI century business: a key factor of competitiveness”


ORPConference is a congress on risk prevention featuring a scientific character and international scope. The participation of renowned universities, organizations and experts from all around the world has a lot to do  with the event´s nature.

It is celebrated annually, the odd years in Santiago de Chile and the even years in a Spanish venue changing every time (Seville, Valencia, Bilbao,… and this year, Zaragoza).

The event´s programme itself shows the commitment to a specialized and cutting edge content within occupational safety and health. Apart from tradicional OSH topics, the congress is full of conferences and workshops on forward looking OSH topics: International safety and health, safety culture, healthy workplaces, globalization,  corporate social responsibility, new technology, industries and materials, demographic change, psychosocial risks and so on: the programme is so intense that you´d may bilocate (or “trilocate”) in order to attend to the huge amount of planned activities. An intensive three days marathon on safety and health.

Should you attend and you can, my e-mail is, my telephone number is 654499494 (also for WhatsApp) and my Twitter account is @DavidMairal: I will be delighted to meet you beyond the displays of our gadgets.

Do we meet in ORP2014 in Zaragoza!?

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