Safety culture at school

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safety culture - napo_1This is Napo. He is a cartoon character created by EU-OSHA, among other agencies.

Napo loves his work, even when he sometimes finds not very well done things at workplace and must invent solutions to solve them. For sure, Napo got a good education since he was a child and now is an excellent worker thanks to the safety culture he acquired from school. For that reason, Napo is now the hero of an EU-OSHA´s initiative to spread the safety culture to all society, starting from the very early years at school.

Napo for teachers.

To do so, the Agency has released a collection of free resources for teachers consisting on packs of instructions, suggested activities and downloadable material to provide educators support and guidance on incorporating Occupational Safety and Health messages into the existing curriculum of primary school: children from 7 to 11 years.

Each study pack is grouped in typical 40 minutes lessons that teachers can incorporate into the current educational program. These lessons include:

  • Personal Health and Social Education;
  • Science;
  • Road Safety;
  • Language learning;
  • Arts.

I am lucky to have a close circle of people dedicated to education that will appreciate this initiative, either it is in Spanish, English or whatever, since Napo for teachers is now available in 18 languages.

But apart from its pedagogical value itself, the added value of this initiative is that it spreads an aspect that, to be honest, I think some European countries (i.e. Spain) lack: safety culture.

And since safety culture is also much more than a child´s play, it won´t be bad if we take a look to Napo´s films.



Aragon Valley is EU-OSHA Media Partner in the campaign “Healthy workplaces – Working together for risk prevention”.