A collaboration of mutual benefit (win-win)

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Days ago, Ailsa Brown contacted me on behalf on the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) to chat about the collaboration established between the Agency and this blog.

From that conversation among other ones hold with some of the 21 media partners that the Agency has throughout Europe, was published this article [1] in the own Agency´s site, of which I draw the following specific conclusions:

  1. Despite the size of the organizations, this kind of collaborations bring them also an important returning benefits and so they express. This is a relationship of mutual benefit, “win-win”;
  2. The networks between professionals are global. We are connected locally and also globally. There is no limit.

Here you have the copied new and this is the link to the original post in the Agency´s site.


When you’re running one of the largest occupational safety and health campaigns, how do you ensure that people sit up and take notice? The Healthy Workplaces Campaign relies on its network of partners to spread the word that ‘Healthy Workplaces Manage Stress’. This includes the media partners who are creating an online and offline buzz around the campaign and its messages as well as promoting and disseminating the campaign tools directly to the ‘shop floor’. They do this by reaching out via their various channels – social media, print publications, and websites.

Their hard work has paid off, thanks to the engagement activities of the 21 media partnerships that EU-OSHA currently has in place in 13 countries, the 2014-15 campaign has received unprecedented levels of media coverage. ‘EU-OSHA is overwhelmed by the warm welcome the campaign has received from the media right from the start,’ said Cristina Comunian EU-OSHA’s Campaign Manager. ‘We are fortunate to be able to rely on so many journalists and editors from across Europe who are committed to healthier and safer workplaces.’

James Twigg is one such media partner, committed to the health and safety of workers. A former manager in the safety sector and energy and now owner of PPE.org, he provides social media support for the safety industry. By posting about the Healthy Workplaces Campaign on a daily basis he is raising the campaign’s profile among his thousands of followers. He has also noted a high level of coverage of the current campaign: ‘Stress is something that can affect anyone so my followers have really engaged with the topic. EU-OSHA has timed this campaign well – with the issue of workplace stress gradually becoming less taboo and social media making it easier to communicate campaigns like this which are helping society to talk about the issue more.’

Promotor BHP magazine, a media partner and leader among Polish journals specialised in occupational safety and health (OSH) issues, is also raising awareness of the Healthy Workplaces Campaign among its readership of company executives, safety managers and representatives of work standards associations among others. ‘We cover the campaign actions in our print magazine and on our website,’ said Natalia Woźny, Editor in Chief. ‘In our latest edition we informed our audience of the campaign launch and for website visitors, the first thing they see is the campaign information as well as our proudly displayed media partnership badge. We’re planning to continue our coverage with the Good Practice Awards, in the hope that some of our readers and partners will enter.’

Media partners also benefit from being part of EU-OSHA’s global network of stakeholders by raising their organisation’s profile in the extensive OSH community and having privileged access to EU-OSHA’s publications and communications.

David Mairal, author of the popular OSH blog Aragon Valley and a media partner, spoke of how he has benefitted from the partnership: ‘By belonging to this fantastic network, I get to hear about good practices and management strategies from organisations all across Europe. As an OSH professional myself, it’s also important for me to get feedback from like-minded individuals.

‘EU-OSHA are very good at keeping us informed of new resources available (e.g. technical documents, surveys, tools) and the early access given, thanks to the connection I have as a media partner, is incredibly valuable. It allows me to create very relevant content both professionally and for my blog, which would otherwise have been difficult to find. Being able to publish news items on the multilingual campaign website, which I did recently, is also a great support.’

Personally, I am pleased to collaborate with the EU-OSHA Agency.

[1] HEALTHY WORKPLACES, EU-OSHA. 05/06/2014. Media partners are getting people talking. https://www.healthy-workplaces.eu/en/news/media-partners-are-getting-people-talking. Consulted 06/06/2014

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  1. Hola David, soy AEDL en un pequeño municipio de Huesca y empecé a seguirte hace poco, a raíz del artículo sobre Jánovas que publicaste. Además soy filóloga con especialidad de inglés y hoy al abrir la actualización he visto el post en inglés. Si necesitas ayuda para revisar los textos que publicas en esta lengua me ofrezco a ello, puedo revisarlos y hacer correcciones rápidamente. Es realmente admirable que te animes a hacer posts bilingües, yo lo intento en la web de los apartamentos que gestionamos y reconozco que es costoso y complicado. Además te felicito por incluir el aragonés en tu blog, soy además hablante patrimonial de la variedad bajoribagorzana y este año he cursado el Diploma de Especialización en Filología Aragonesa que la Universidad de Zaragoza programa como estudio propio. Podría ayudaros también cuando publiquéis en aragonés. Espero tus noticias!

    1. Hola María José,

      muchas gracias por seguir el blog, también por tus palabras y, sobre todo, por tu ofrecimiento.

      La versión en aragonés del blog es nuestro grano de arena por la lengua, aportando un contenido que en aragonés es difícil de encontrar. La satisfacción conseguida por ello es, de momento, el único beneficio directo que conseguimos. De la traducción se va a encargar una persona hablante patrimonial.

      No obstante, si te sigue interesando la iniciativa, me encantaría seguir en contacto contigo. Seguro que pronto tu colaboración sería valiosísima. 🙂

      Este es mi e-mail: davidmairal@me.com

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