The best partnership you will find in the Internet for your blog

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The European summit I attended this week in Bilbao, finished the EU-OSHA´s 2012-2013 campaign on “Healthy Workplaces” and, at the same time, the partnership between Aragon Valley and the European Agency throughout this year.

Access to lots of information and high quality material, attend to interesting events, networking with #OSH experts from all around Europe,… are some of the benefits I found by collaborating with EU-OSHA, becoming for sure, the best media partnership that a blog like this can find in the Internet.

Results and effects of the campaign

During last year, the partnership with EU-OSHA brought as direct effects:

  • Access to information (reports, studies, publications, research works,…) in a quick, clear, in a huge amount and high quality, which brought me lot of learning and research activities.
  • Drawing of content: between 10 and 15 entries published last year, based on information provided by the Agency. Most of them are gathered under the tag “EU-OSHA”, that you can access here (mostly in Spanish only). The campaign is over, but it is possible that I publish more content soon, as a consequence of an “inertia effect”.
  • Attendance to events: one was the presentation of the Proton Electrónica´s initiative on good OSH practices, winner of the European award to good practices. The second one was the summit in Bilbao this week.
  • Networking: apart from bloggers and webs and/or other publications in traditional format (paper) around Europe which were the Agency´s media partners during the campaign, this partnership brought me the possibility to get in contact with experts and responsible of organizations and enterprises in an European level.
  • To meet the bright side of the European Union: When watching the daily news in any media, Europe only seems a central bank, “lagardes”, cuts and restrictions or bailouts. Instead of this, I prefer the Europe I knew thanks to the work with the Agency: a personal treatment, democratic, fair, transparent and taking into account solvency and quality values before other superficial or simply quantitative factors. Behind all this, there are people that are part of a great organization.

The end of the Agency´s campaign and the collaboration with the blog causes me a mixture of feelings. In the one hand, a full satisfaction: the influence of the campaign in the blog was excellent in quality and amounts and has improved me personally and professionally. In the other hand, and as a consequence of that, I must recognize, certain feeling of emptiness, which I find logical.

That is why it is almost sure that one of the main aims I will establish myself next year will be to renew the collaboration with the Agency if it decides to repeat the partnership initiative in the next 2014-2015 campaign on managing stress.

If you are a blogger or run any publication, specialised on OSH in this case, I recommend you a partnership like this. It is the best collaboration you will find in the Internet for your blog.