A trick to measure the most important celebrities and personalities

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I will reveal you a tool I use sometimes -most of bloggers do- when choosing the tittle of each post. This is Google Trends, and measures the current search trends on specific concepts in the Internet, from each computer around the world.

This is not the main reason, but it is useful when choosing the most appropriate word among two or more terms with the same meaning.

Apart from that, I have used it sometimes to compare which are people´s most important issues. Curious indeed.

For example, what do you think people search more in the Internet, information about Apple or Samsung?. Here you have the answer:


So, making yourself clear on your or public interest topics, one may spend a good time.

Who is more interesting, the current Spanish president, the previous one, or the previous one to the previous one?. Then, compare the winner of these three with one football´s club president: “Florentino”.

Who searches people more to, Ronaldo, Messi or LeBron James?.

You will find some surprise, for sure.