Case study: @ZonaZeroBTT Aínsa, MTB centre and values reserve

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At first glance, Zona Zero, in the Sobrarbe region -at the heart of the Pyrenees-, may seem a good centre for practicing mountain-bike. And it does indeed: it´s all about one of the European top places for mountain biking.

However, to consider this enterprise as a sports activity in an unique natural area is just a small part of what Zona Zero means. What is more, it may be said that the MTB centre is an appropriate -but come by chance- consequence of all what this land holds: history, tradition, customs, ancestors, culture, passionate people, secret towns and villages,… and, of course, the millennial ways and paths through which all was transferred.

The Zona Zero´s official video released last week is a probe of this: the Sobrarbe´s paths came first, then the rest (choose English subtitles in the configuration tab)

A bunch of values that are the heart of the venture and the guidance in the Zona Zero´s communication with the world. That is, environment, society and economy: as an enterprise, Zona Zero is a paradigm of sustainable development, and thus is transmitted throughout its outstanding communication strategy.

So, that´s why with the permission (that I already got) of the Zona Zero´s crew, its model will be one of the case studies in, at least, the two editions of the course “strategic-professional use of the Internet” to be held next week in Barbastro on 7 July and in my hometown, Ontinar, on 9 July.