Online learning in the educational and professional career

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Weeks ago, I completed my first university course on the Internet.

Despite that I was interested in the subject itself, I recognize that the main reason why I enrolled in the course was to test the new platforms on massive and open education (mooc) emerging on the Internet (edXCoursera).

The experience as a student user of the platform was excellent and, in addition, the course brought me a satisfaction and knowledge similar to the ones I got when passing a subject in any other university career.

The reason why I did this course as a test is because I am in a professional stage in which, to go a step further, I need to get certain learning, such as an university doctorate or a specialisation program from any renowned educational entity or business school. The traditional ways to take this education are complex in my situation, which is similar to many other people:

  • to enroll in a doctorate program, I´d had to make equivalent my background education and masters to the European regulations (Bologna Process), what may take me some four years just to access to it, and a similar period to complete the doctorate, which is absolutely unfeasible at this stage;
  • the specialization programs from renowned centres or business schools are more suitable when in comes to deadlines, but the economic cost is significant.

Now, the training throughout one of these Internet platforms is an option to take into account even at this educational level.

The initiatives are just at the early stages and the offer is already limited but, proved the quality of the courses and taking into account that online and massive learning are part of the development strategies of the most prestigious universities and, even, business schools, this kind of education will be, for flexibility, affordability, quality and prestige, an outstanding educational model within the educational and professional pathway.

An issue worthy to keep an eye on.

Eduard_Punset“[…] the time we are entering in is, according to recent studies, a world of lifelong work and training which will be even more important than the background education […]” [1]

Eduard Punset

[1] BLOG DE EDUARD PUNSET. 10 agosto 2014. Acéptenlo: hoy el mundo es digital. Consulted 11 agosto 2014.