Political organizations and strategic analysis

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In any great organization, the decisions taken are the result of complex analysis processes, experience-based learning and the application of a dose of intuition that the skilled people are supposed to meet.

This same principle should be applied in the case of political organizations. As the great organizations they are (at least in size), their specific cityzen-driven actions and statements are supposed to be the result from the application of the strategic management tools any great organization uses in its activity´s performance. You may agree or not -according to your political beliefs- with any party´s decisions but always, always, these decisions should be justified and based on sound studies.

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However, the recent events are debunking this approach, namely in the Spanish case. It may seem unbelievable, but the idea that the statements and decisions of the Spanish “old parties” are empty of any sound and professional analysis is a possibility more and more strengthen. The results of the latest 24M elections prove that some people -the “old policy”- doesn´t understand anything, neither in terms of analysis, nor in terms of strategy or communication [1]

Specially since 15M, there were clear evidences. In a quantitative level, the polls and surveys gave figures showing the growth of influential groups with new interests. In a qualitative level, such emerging groups and interests got more and more influence.

A sound analysis of these incomes should have led the “old policy” to a response in the form of actions and policies aimed at those emerging groups and interests. But this didn´t happen or, if so, it was wrong, and the results were the 24M outcomes. Even despite the results of the elections, there are politicians claiming their most primary instinct and ineptitude.

It is significant that, after all happened in Spain in the latests years (corruption, scams, lost of democracy, legal uncertainty for many sectors of society, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera…), one of the main threats -or even the main- for the old parties was its own incompetence and lack of professionally.

The counterpoint to this are the new political organizations emerged in recent times (Podemos, Ciudadanos, citizens´ platforms), which analyzed the situation and established an efficient strategy. They are, plain and simple, better than the old parties and are showing that -even when it comes to politician organizations- professionally, analysis, knowledge, strategy are very important elements.

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