New tools for the safety and health management (and other areas of organizations)

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This week starts a course titled “solving complex problems”, by the Delft University of Technology, on the edX platform. So, this is a course under the MooC method, a satisfactory experience already treated in previous posts.


The course Solving Complex Problems addresses complex multi actor systems; in which everything is connected to everything, and everything influences everything [1]. In practice, this kind of complex situations may be found almost at any level: from policies of global organizations, governance models at national level or strategies of multinational corporations; to the specific decisions of SM enterprises, the participation of associations and groups in a wide range of issues or, even, when choosing the destination for your next holidays with friends or relatives.

In the specific case of risk prevention -as in at any other management area in the organizations- too.

The course is all about a series of tools for an analytical decision making and the design and implementation of solutions. Some of them were already introduced in the blog (linked posts) and the rest will be, for sure, addressed 😉

A skilled management of this kind of tools may make a difference in the performance of the sustainability and social responsibility strategies of an organization, where risk prevention duties are key.

Strongly recommended.

[1] EDX - DELFTX. 10 nov 2014. Solving complex problems. Consultado 11 noviembre 2014.

Course intro video:


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