Professional presence on the Internet: blog vs social networks in figures

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Since I launched this blog in earnest -two and a half years ago- I understood the advantages that this tools brings compared to social networks: blogs are a learning and research method that allows you to create contents under your full control. This is difficult or even impossible to get when it comes to social networks.

But, apart from these qualitative aspects, days ago I realised about a fact: during the last six months, the Internet sites in which I have a professional presence were visited at least 32.161 times (when I finish writing this post, it will be more for sure) distributed in this way:

I also don´t know how many times are visited my accounts throughout the pure and simple social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), but for the notifications sent by each service, the number is much more lower to the figures above. This relates also to the poor percentage of traffic that social networks drive to the blog (less than 15% of the traffic).

In a nutshell: the figures related to my presence in social networks are nearly negligible compared to those due to my blogging activity and I think this pattern should apply to any individual which, like me, is a complete unknown.

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So, if you are considering to develop a professional presence on the Internet and you are not the kind of people that gets thousands of followers after creating a Twitter account, don´t waste your time: launch a blog, make it the core of your strategy and, thenceforward, build the rest of your online infrastructure, which must include aspects such as collaborations and your own profile in other Internet sites or also the presence in social networks.

In this way your professional presence on the Internet will little by little improving soundly, and you will get a huge benefit of it.

Imagine what should I had to pay to get visited 32.161 times using traditional ways…

“Without a blog, you are a digital homeless. The whole day thrown in the social networks”

Alfonso Alcántara