A rain gauge in the Netatmo weather station in Ontinar

This post is also available in: Spanish

Today, I extended the Netatmo weather station installed in my town (Ontinar), with the rain gauge I purchased days ago.

It is all about a 13 centimetres in diameter and 11 centimetres high module. As the rest of station´s additional modules, it connects via wifi.


By means of a tipping bucket inside the module, the rain gauge can measure rainfall in a range between 0,2 and 150 millimetres (litter per square meter) per hour with 1 mm (litter per square meter) an hour accuracy.


The rain gauge records can be seen in the public directory in which the entire station is registered, available in this link http://www.netatmo.com/weathermap.

The records are also available throughout the official application by the manufacturer, Netatmo. So, should you want to know the weather in the village of Ontinar, I´ll be pleased to share the access to the station.

After a reasonable time, I´ll review the rain gauge performance. We´ll see if it improves the rating of the entire station, the bar is high.