Another professional use of the blog: sponsored posts

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Days ago, I received a proposal from an advertising agency for writing sponsored posts. That is, entries in the blog in exchange of money.

You may wonder if I accepted. The answer is yes.

I did it as the functioning of the blog is not going to change at all. The agency´s proposals are that, proposals which may result or may not result in published content in the blog. If the information brought by the agency is appropriate, the corresponding entry will meet my authentic point of view, without any influence in the content for comercial reasons.

I repeat: I won´t publish any post conditioned for external factors of such nature.

In fact, there already are entries in this blog on specific topics and brands I wrote by my own initiative. This post written last week about the NetAtmo weather station or the post about one of the best OSH sites on the Internet in Spanish -Prevención Integral- written two weeks ago, are the latests examples. These and other articles I wrote are not sponsored posts because no one paid me, but this is the only difference.

In practice, sponsored posts are just a form of media partnership that the Internet brings and added to the list of benefits that the blog is being providing me for more than two years. Who would tell me …!?.   

In this sense, information proposed by the agency is an information source which may bring quality content to the blog. This is the main interest that the new collaboration has. I don´t do this for money (if so, Aragon Valley would be locked out for bankruptcy :-/

Following also the good advices from Enrique Dans, each sponsored article will be tagged as “branded content” in order you to be able to identify it. This is an ethic principle that professor Dans explains well in this entry and that I totally agree.

Furthermore, I hope you to continue enjoying this blog, which is strengthened by good news like this.