Safety inspection to a singular construction site

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One of my hobbies in my spare time is to build a scale model railway (N scale, 1:160). Railroads, locomotives, freight and passengers wagons, elements of the railway infrastructure,… but also to create a landscape combining handcraft works and assembly kits of specific elements (houses, public buildings, trees, people, installations and equipment of diverse activities, public services such as lighting, etcetera).

I am currently assembling a small village through which the train passes. In one of the the town blocks, two detached houses are under construction.

In my case, as a safety and health practitioner, it was inevitable to observe the condition of the houses under construction as I was mounting the kit. Also, to imagine how may be a H&S report regarding this singular construction site, as they finally were put in the model.

Try it yourself!. Here you have some photos from the construction site in the model. Any incident?

General organization of the construction site:


Photos from the house at Marktstraße 1:


Photos from the house at Olvido Street, 4: