An enterprise emerged thanks to the blog

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In this post, I will tell you about an initiative in which I am quite focussed on. It is all about the establishment of my own consulting enterprise. I will also explain you one special feature: the enterprise is a direct consequence of this blog.

For some years now -approximately since 2004- I have been carrying out specific works as a complement to my regular job in the different companies I have been working for.

In this sense, I am used to offer services to third organizations on my own responsibility with varying intensity, according to the circumstances at the given time.

In the latest times -since the beginning of the crisis in 2008, approximately- the traditional sources of orders were not very favourable: the companies started to face difficulties and the events such as courses, sessions, conferences did also decrease significantly.

Nevertheless, I was lucky to launch this blog in early 2012. In addition to a learning and research method, it brings me the opportunity to maintain my presence at professional level and to establish contact with diverse organizations and companies, to the current point where most of the works I performed last year -be they as employed or freelance- came as a consequence of the blog.

That is, despite that my work is obviously based on my professional experience and training, the blog is a key factor: 1) for the new professional skills I gained thanks to the blog, which are also well valued by the client; and 2) for the presence it provides with in my professional environment.

Logo Aragon Valley-Consulting-okSo, in this moment in which my own activity is stabilizing and materializing, that´s why I decided that the enterprise should have -at least in the early stage- a kind of tribute to the blog, which is easily identifiable both in the enterprise´s name and logo (on the right, a work by my friend and graphic designer Juan Carlos Lorenzo).

You are also kindly invited to visit the AV Consulting webpage (developed by Barbitania). I hope you like it.

If you are a professional in the sector, I am, of course, at your disposal throughout the enterprise´s webpage.

And if you are a regular reader of the blog, I must tell you that it will continue as usual.