300 entries in 3 years, 3 months and 3 days

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It was not intentional, but this is the 300th post of Aragon Valley and it is published exactly three years, three months and three days after the official launch of this blog.

124 in the 300 posts were translated into English (since October 2013) and 22 also into Aragonese, the original and ancestral language of my homeland translated by Begoña Domínguez since mid 2014. Taking into account the three languages, the total amount of published posts reaches 446.

The average is, therefore, one new entry published almost every four days.

300 posts, with a 1-2 mean publications per week, is not anything extraordinary for a blog, neither in excess nor scarcity. Giving an inspirational example I follow, Enrique Dans releases at least one post per day since 12 years ago. At the opposite end, you can meet sites publishing much less entries than this blog getting, however, a significative relevance.

Anyway, I don´t schedule any blog´s publications. I draft certain contents when an idea and a way to develop it comes to my mind.

Since the very beginning, I conceive the blog as a research, learning and ideas-arrangement tool, on the topics related to my profession (sustainability, environment, social responsibility, safety and health). These are the real foundations supporting the project to this day, when the blog has become also my particular library and content´s repository I consult assiduously.

Based on this approach, the blog provides me some colateral benefits in terms of professional relevance and prestige that are difficult to estimate. But, in sum, the fact is that Aragon Valley is a key piece in my current professional track. This was something inconceivable in the beginning. For that reason, I decided to call my recently established company Aragon Valley Consulting.

Casually, I also drafted some entries about my personal hobbies or based on my personal point of view in certain topics, what provides me a good dose of fun.

Hopefully, I will continue with this approach for many time. The motivation is maximum and the circumstances are favourable.