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Aragonese is a romance language, Aragon´s own language.

Source: Biquipedia

The number of aragonese speakers ranges between 10.000 and 30.000, geographically concentrated in Alto Aragon, above all.

The main transmission way of the Aragonese language is as mother tongue, passed down from parents to children in the native locations. The Aragon´s socio economic reality, meeting an incessant and painful rural depopulation, makes this transmission way to be threatened.

This factor, in addition to the disastrous language policies developed for years now by the Administrations, brings that Aragonese is one of the European languages with higher threat of disappearance.

As a positive point, is the amount of native speakers, important social organizations, academics, researchers, writers,… which, thanks to the information and communication technologies increase their influence and, as a consequence, the impact of the Aragonese.

Furthermore, lot of Internet sites provide their content in Aragonese, most of them related to culture, art, history, the language itself or up to date information about Aragon.

So, from today, this blog joins the list of resources available in Aragonese. This task will be performed by Begoña Dominguez who, under her double role as native speaker and language transmitter to her daughter as a mother tongue, will develop the Aragonese version of the blog, following the graphic rules agreed after the I Normalization Congress of Aragonese Language in 1987.

This Aragonese version of the blog provides something that is currently scarce: to put into disposal of the between 10.000 and 30.000 Aragonese speakers a specialized content on cutting edge topics and global interest. At the same time, the approximately 3.000 current monthly worldwide visitors will see, in addition to the Spanish and English, the version of the blog in a language that they don´t even know it existed.

This is our contribution to the Aragonese language and also our way to pay tribute to our ancestors who for sure could learn us so much about responsible and sustainable ways of life, although they surely called it in different ways.

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