#Communication as a design and production standard

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My very last article in PrevenBlog -the corporate blog of the consultancy firm PrevenControl- is titled “La influencia de la comunicación en los productos y servicios de PRL” (The influence of communication in the OSH products and services) [1] and, in practice, describes the path followed over the years by the communication processes of the organizations with their stakeholders from the middle of last century to the present.

Until about the 1950s, the design and production processes were a restricted area controlled by the engineers from different areas of the company. They and only they decided and established the design and manufacturing criteria of the company.

It was from the end of World War II when the firsts sales criteria began to be implemented throughout the processes of creating products and services offered by the companies.

Thus, the marketing and the concept of customer satisfaction were successively appearing as a response to the unceasing importance acquired by the preferences of users and consumers when deciding how they should be and how should companies offer their products and services.

Today, the traditional concept of customer is extended and embraced by the stakeholders [2] with which the organizations, rather than provide advertising, maintains an ongoing, two-way and real time communication thanks to the communication and information technologies, which provides a key feedback for the design of products and services. A real design and production standard.

A comprehensive description of such evolution of the communication in organizations and its influence in the area of the corporate safety and health -with the G4 guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative as example- may be found in the original article on the PrevenControl´s blog. I refer you to this article if you want to delve into the matter.

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