A bipolar Europe, about to become a tear in rain?

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The path that is following the European project, with Greece as the most recent main actor, is really disconcerting. I don´t refer to the reached situation analyzed from the politic nor economic point of view, since from long before most of political representatives and specialist in economics lost the technical, ethical and professional soundness supposed to meet any leader in any organization, not just in the European Union. Furthermore, the Greek issue is the last episode of a sequence older than the very last months.

The European way is disconcerting for the consequences that the political and economical events are bringing in a global and strategic level, on the role of European Union as an organization. Regardless the causes, what the citizens finally see is a true uncertainty and weakness. And very little thinks worse to an organization than uncertainty.

All this is sad and surprising. The European Union and some individual state members gave in the past lots of good examples of responsible, participative and professional management. That is, all what is supposed to meet any serious organization. In the very recent times alone, and without digging too deep, come mo my mind actions like:

In a nutshell, I like Europe for thinks like these and it is surprising that this know how doesn´t applies to every level.

It is sad to witness the behaviour of the political and economical representatives – the “b” side of Europe- and see the road they are leading the whole European project to. What will happen to all those good bodies, initiatives, actions and attitudes?

So, please, someone to kick out all these irresponsible people, that not even Europe deserves, before the European dream come lost in time, like tears in rain…