The companies must tell a story

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Many experts on Internet marketing and communication say that a good way to create or improve your personal brand on the net consist of telling your experiences, using your very personal style. That is, “to tell your own story” with the objective of establishing an emotional connection with the audience.

The “storytelling” is a communication resource, very interesting also when it comes to the businesses field. In fact, companies have some stories to tell; even on their environment and safety&health performance.

Where do companies´stories come from?

Actores de una empresa. Fuente: Wikipedia

The stories of a company are based on the data and the reports on the performance of its diverse duties: reports on the activities and performance of each department,   annual accounts reports, sustainability reports,…

So far, the information exchange between the companies and their actors is typically this this:

  1. each actor is interested on certain organization´s information;
  2. the organization delivers the requested information in a “raw” format: the dat or reports requested are merely sent.

This pattern may be remain valid in certain occasions and regarding certain actors.

Nevertheless, it is possible to get an added value from that mere information exchange: imagine to turn the report´s delivery into a communication tool providing a permanent and transparent dialogue with each actor.

That is what the idea of a story for each organization´s actor is about. To turn a report into a communication, the docs exchange into a client´s experience and the mere delivery of an e-mail into an opportunity to establish a permanent dialogue with each client which is, besides, an outstanding way to get a feedback that the organization may use.

A smart and empathetic use of the information and communication technologies may increase the client´s engagement.

In this context, the actors get more than just information from the company: each actor get the story that the company prepared for him.


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