Goodbye #EUManageStress,… Welcome @EU_OSHA´s #EUhealthyworkplaces for All Ages

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Return to reality. The EU-OSHA summit held this week —3 and 4 November in Bilbao— has been extremely intense and interesting and strengthens one fact: the Agency´s campaigns make a real difference in the health and safety sector.


This year´s summit put an end to the “Manage Stress” campaign, devoted to one of the main challenges faced by any organization: psychosocial risks related to their activities.

You can find breaking information on the just-finished conference in the following links (stay tuned, since more information will be added as the Agency arranges with raw information):

As said, the conference is the finish line for the world´s largest OSH campaign (Dr. Christa Sedlatschek) which, over the last two years, has added relevant contents and resources in several formats for organizations, for example:

As an activity directly related to this blog, the exciting project “safety culture from school”.

Furthermore, the whole campaign and these summit´s two days in particular, are an excellent context for networking with the most relevant actors of the sector in Europe. To be in this circle is a real privilege.

The #EUManageStress campaign —as was called in the social media— ended, but another campaign will be launched next year 2016: #EUhealthyworkplaces, which will deal with a field, a challenge, a key and complex problem in Europe: safety and health at work in an aged-workforce scenario.

Goodbye #EUManageStress,…

… Welcome #EUhealthyworkplaces for All Ages