Tools for the strategic management of safety and health in the organizations

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My last post on Prevención Integral -the site by the Specific Research Centre for the Improvement and Innovation at Companies (CERpIE) of the Technical University of Catalunya- is entitled “Herramientas de nivel estratégico para la prevención” (Strategic tools for risk prevention) [1] and aims to be the first entry of a series dedicated to a group of tools for analytical decision making and the design and implementation of solutions, applied in this case to the OSH management within an organization.

Some of these tools were previously treated in Aragon Valley in a generic way. In this series at PI&ORP, I will try to go beyond, analyzing its application to the OSH performance in a specific and practical way.

In principle, these are the referred tools:

  • Actor analysis;
  • Causal modelling;
  • Goal trees and means-end diagrams;
  • Problem diagrams;
  • Uncertainty;
  • Decision Support;
  • Score cards.

My interest in these methods is double. First, for their value as support in the management of certain areas within an organization. A sound use of these tools may make a difference in the performance of any task. In this case, in the OSH field.

Second, because the simple possibility of applying these tools to the risk prevention management is by itself an evidence that the OSH aspects are included in the strategic policies of the organization at the highest level. And these are good signs for the organization. The incorporation of the OSH performance to the strategic level, is often made through the social responsibility and sustainability strategies, which have already become a key field in the management of enterprises and other entities.

If you are interested in knowing more about these series of tools for the strategic management of the safety and health in an organization, I refer you to my space on PI&ORP, to which you can subscribe.

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