An interview with the EU-OSHA Agency

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Two weeks ago, Michael Owens, from ICF Mostra (a communications company working for the European EU-OSHA Agency), e-mailed me with some questions about the blog in general and, namely, about the media partnership established between the Agency and this blog.

Media partnerships are win-win collaboration between two Internet media, in this case. These collaborations do not usually include any economic payment, but the shared use of the resources that each media may offer the other one.

On this basis, if the two media have a positive approach of the collaboration, it may provide an unexpected loop of positive consequences to both parties, that may provide a benefit higher than just a fistful of Euros.

The media partnership between the EU-OSHA Agency and this blog is an example of this.

Since we established the collaboration two years ago -January 2013- I published some 30 posts in Aragon Valley, more or less based on content released by the Agency. Also, three articles in the webpage dedicated to the Agency´s campaigns. At the same time, I spread throughout the social networks certain content sourced from the Agency. The last mayor initiative launched between us was the “Safety culture from the school” project .

To develop all these actions, EU-OSHA puts at the collaborator´s disposal an overwhelming amount of resources: technical documentation, infographics, reports, management tools, promotional material to use at school, invitations for events and European summits, visits to companies premises to know directly the OSH projects and good practices, etcetera.

The benefit for a blog like Aragon Valley must be measured in terms of visibility and presence on the Internet. In addition, for me this means professional recognition, networking and an easier access to a trustable source of knowledge and learning which provides a sound support to the post I publish in the blog, which is exactly what the Agency is looking for…

In this point, there is not a line between the advantages for each party, but an endless loop of benefits.

I talked with Michael Owens about all this and, with the information I provided he drafted an article published last week on the EU-OSHA´s Agency site, available at this link.

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