Aragon Valley´s 2013 summary

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Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailDuring 2013 I published 103 posts (Spanish version of the blog), visited 40 thousand times by 28 thousand unique visitors who stayed as average 4 minutes 32 seconds in the site.

The most visited post was “The hidden meaning of Apple” (Spanish, 12 thousand visits) which I wrote as a curiosity on Santos Inocentes´day, a kind of “April´s fool” in Spain.

To be honest, I´d prefer if the most visited post was one about the core topics of the blog, but if you include the word “Apple” and “oculto” (hidden) in a entry´s title you run the risk that people prefers it to a post on safety and health, environment or sustainable development. It became a relatively viral and nowadays it is still the most visited post everyday, thanks to Google´s policy on sites indexing. I think this curse will pursuit me for so long.

The rest of post are visited uniformly, with no outstanding entries in number of visits.

Statistics improve month to month and that´s fine. Nevertheless, these are not the numbers supporting the blog, even if they were worthwhile in case of embed advertisings in the blog, which is not my intention. I assess the blog for its qualitative benefits and in this aspect the results achieved are outstanding:

  • As a direct consequence of the blog, last august I started a collaboration with the company I currently work for (PrevenControl) in Barcelona;
  • Time ago, my professional reputation was in-person and reached, at the most, Aragonish range. The blog gives the possibility to enlarge your visibility to any Spanish speaker user in the world. With the recently started English version, this may be improved, but we will see;
  • Related to the said above, during 2013 I got the best partnership available in the Internet for a blog about Safety and health at work. This doesn´t guarantees anything, but provides contacts, visibility and collaborates which may bring results in a long term;
  • But above all, is the fact that the blog is still an excellent tool for research and learning which gives me great times.

User´s participation is a clear point to improve. The blog does´t builds a community nor users engagement. There aren´t barely comments or great dissemination neither in the blog or in social networks. Marketing and public relations are not my strengths in the real life and they aren´t also in the Internet. This is a handicap I will try to improve.

Finally, get my best wishes for you and your relatives in 2014 and all the best for you to meet your professional aims.