2014: Work and personal development

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I don´t like to establish specific dates as scheduled starting points of projects or redeem myself by making emends. I prefer to think that I take action day-to-day, not depending on one specific day, only justified by taking up a box in the calendar.

I usually comply it and don´t remember the last time I made a promise in New Year´s Day. I take advantage of Advent to assess what happened in the latest months and visualise what may come shortly, but not thinking in specific dates to start anything if it the authentic aim I follow justifies it.

In this and further posts, you will see how was 2013 form a professional point of view and how may 2014 be.

If you take a look to the expected in 2013 from a professional point of view in general (Spanish), there are thinks that are confirming: Networking, collaboration environments, physic limits and borders disappearing, simplification of legislation, red tape and burdens or work developed as a hobby are real concepts that continue evolving.


Job is compatible with the complete personal development. And that is the way that the sound organizations are following. They are healthy workplaces gathering business interests and personal development driving to the concept of cognitive health in which skills, knowledge, competences and attitudes of people may be fully developed in the company (Spanish).

Do not give up to it, despite it seems sci-fi if you only take into account what media say.

There  we go!.